How Much Money Does Mashable Make per Month ?

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One of the Smart Ways to Increase your Productivity is by having some Inspirations to our work , i do this way and i’ve seen Good Result in this and so i liked to share it on this blog .

In SmartWays2MakeMoney – i not only like to share money making tips but also want to share How they make , how much they make , ( they – Who ever you thinks ) , What are the Techniques they use to make money from their blog , various statistics about the blog .

I will be writing more about this in coming posts , but here comes the first and from of the popular website Mashable . Started by Pete Cashmore as a hobby , people wonders how Mashable turned a WordPress Blog into a Fast Growing Corporate Company ! such an enormous growth .


  • Traffic Statistics of Mashable
  • Mashable’s Monetization Methods
  • How much Money Mashable Makes per month ?
Find more about them below ,

How Much Visitors does Mashable get per day ?

From the Stats determinin website , alexa , quantcast , compete , i’ve gathered some Traffic Stats of Mashable which is listed below ,

  • Alexa Rank is 127 ( till October )
  • 40 Million Pageviews per month
  • 1 million visits each day
  • Mashable Receives High Traffic from U.S
  • 90% users from PC/Laptop , 10% Mobile users

How does Mashable Monetize its website ?

Mashable with several million visitors each month hitting the site , and also with huge regular visitors ( returning visitors ) have large potential in making huge revenue from its blog .

Mashable primarily uses

  • Google Ad network , Adsense and DoubleClick , where advertisers are charged for impressions rather than Clicks .
  • Mashable also have Job Listing which earns $199/listings .
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Paid Recommended Sites
  • Sponsored Events
  • Sponsors of Today’s Posts
  • Affiliate Earnings
  • Direct Ad Purchase through BuyAds
I’ve listed what i’ve learned from the Mashable and some other blogs , i know they use more ways to monetize their contents .

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 How Much Does Mashable Make Money ?

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So , still if you’re asking ” How Much does Mashable make per month ? “

With 40 Million Pageviews , 1 million

visitors per day , mashable earns only $40,277 a day or $1,208,333  per month .

I’m repeating , this figure is only estimated earnings not the official disclosure from Mashable . I don’t know why all the big media sites , bloggers are not willing to disclose their earnings and other details which they shared with their users on the beginning .

Get Inspired to Inspire Others !

The purpose of this post is to show you ” How much some of the Top Website / Blogs in the World “ are making their revenue online . How much potential they have on the web .

i Hope , this post will influence newbie bloggers to work more on their blogs , take this as an Inspiration and blog your own way and achieve great success . I wish you all , oneday i would write post about your blog :)

Now , lets talk about our stats , How much do you make per month ? share your approx earnings per month so that others may find it usefull .

  • Shailesh

    Mashble is big article platform and very knowledgeable and all blogging lovers using regularly…
    1 million visitors per day is huge amount of traffic that’s really amazing.
    Thnx for share this gud article

    • Jake

      yea , Thanks Shailesh for your comment..

      Mashable is really turned out to be a successful media site..

  • Guntaka Subbareddy

    May be you will write about my blog