How to Make Money by Developing Applications for Android , iOS Phones

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How to Make Money from Android Apps

Since you’ve landed in this post , i assume you must be a App Developer or something in Software field . As the post tile says ” How to Make Money developing Android Applications ” , i like to share some tips that may help any newbie to know Money Making Tips for App Development .

If you’re just a newbie , here are some interesting facts that may impress you to ” Develop Applications ” for Mobile OS.

Mobile App Development Growth :

  • Google recently celebrated 25 Billion App Downloads in Google Play Store .
  • About 1.5 Million Android Devices are Activated Each Day – Says , Google’s CEO .
  • Apple confirms , 100 Million Apple Devices are now using iOS 6.
  • Apple solds 5 Million + Apple iPhone 5 within a week of its launch .
Isn’t that great ? Being an app developer , you can make Huge Money , if the app is not that Great , then People easily Ignore them .

SO , the Only thing you’ve to keep in your mind is ” Be Unique , Try Different , Create New ” . Don’t just create apps that thousands already available , do atleast one that no one have released .

How to Monetize the Apps ?

So , if you’ve made/ created apps , Now what about Monetization ?

There are various methods available for monetizing your Applications either you insert Ads into them in a Free Edition or Release Premium Version ( Without Ads ) .

- Free Apps : You release the App in Freeware list , anyone can download it for free . People Love ” Anything that comes free ” , push Ads into them .

- Paid Apps : Offer Apps for Pay per Download as a premium service , hence the more people download your apps , the more money you make .

So , in either way you Make Money from the apps that you’ve developed !

How to Increase the Apps Revenue ?

1. The very first thing todo is Increase the Download Rates – the number of Active users of your Apps .

2. Release App for multiple Operating systems like if you released an app in Google’s Play Stores and seen positive growth ? Try releasing them in Apple’s iTunes for all iOS Devices .

3. Market your Apps with high CPM or CPC advertisers .

4. Release App Updates to keep your Application Live on Google Play . Because , before downloading any app , a user always sees last update given by the Developer .

5. Try to get High Ratings for your App which will improve your chance of getting featured on Google Play Stores Home page , hence Huge Downloads of your apps.

i Hope this tips will help you to make more money from your Android Applications , iOS Apps .

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If you’ve any other tips , ways to make money from Developing Mobile Applications , please let me know via Comments .