How to Make Money with Web Hosting Sites like Bluehost, Hostgator, DreamHost

Know how to make money from Web hostrars by being an affiliate marketer , all you have todo is few simple steps . You will make more money when you are getting targetted traffic .

make money,bluehost,hostgatorIf someone Signup for New Hosting account , then you will be credited with commission , for your information If i register for a new hosting account on Bluehost via your affiliated link , then you will be awarded a commission of $65 , yea for single click you have earned that amount .

Think , how about getting 10 Sign ups a day or 5 from Bluehost , 5 from Hostgator and if you can , you can also register as a affiliate on almost all popular web hosting company .

How to Make Money from Bluehost, Hostgator, DreamHost ?

1. Sign up for Affiliates on Bluehost, Hostgator , DreamHost ( It’s FREE )

2. Create a Blog with Keyword Specific Domain Eg: keep this keyword in the domain name , bluehost discount coupon , hostgator promo code, dreamhost coupons etc

3. Its recommended you have your blog on WordPress Platform ,as it is SEO Optimized and easy to customize to our needs .

4. Use a good looking Affiliate Theme with plugin called Simple URL’s

5. use all your Affiliate link to shorten and have this format : or

6. Next , Create Unique articles without copying from any other blog or website  ,write genuine don’t spam or cheat . All you have to do is Bring in More Traffic,

7. Share your site on Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + , Pinterest .

Create social profiles too.

8. If you can spend some money, go for Google Adwords or Facebook Ad to promote your site / discount coupon .

9. Participate in forums like digitalpoint, warriar forum, imtalk , to get more reputation and also backlinks .

10. Offer some Services like Free wordpress Installation, Premium WordPress Themes , Plugins for New user whom will surely sign up and so you will EARN More money from Affiliates .

Good Luck. If you have any other tip to Make Money from web hosting sites ? please share with us via comments .