How to Monetize Youtube Videos ?

If you are the person trying Youtube methods to make your revenue online , here are some tips that will help monetizing your videos if it doesn’t make money for you . In case if you are a newbie , you may read my previous article  - How to Make Money on Youtube ,

Okay , lets go to the topic ,

There are thousands of videos uploaded to youtube every second , and some of them do that as a hobby ( no intention to make money )  , some do that for living .

The youtube success stories around the net inspire thousands of people , to let them involve in making money on youtube . Ofcourse Why not ? , everyone have rights and people shine if they use something different or being unique from others , thats the secret part on any bussiness.

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Let us discuss this situation , assume your video goes featured or viral getting thousands of views each day, but the sad part ,you’re not making single penny out of it ?

I know , a lot of people are in the above situation , yea – they got traffic and likes ,so many comments but they struck with monetizing part . If i’m not wrong , that’s why you’re here in this article , searched ” How to monetize the traffic ? ”  ” How to Make Money on youtube ? ” .

How to monetize Youtube Traffic ?

i Hope the following tips will help you make money off your youtube videos ,

1) First step , Read and know thoroughly about  various money making methods available for youtube available like : Some of them are ,
-  CPA ,
-  Affiliate promotions ,
-  Adsense ,
-  Content Locking , etc.

In above methods, CPA , Affiliate Promotions works better than Adsense , as people just skip Ads over youtube videos , because they less often used to click on them , that too if the ads are only relevant .

Note : i will post an article about each of the various money making methods listed above .

2)  Understand your videos traffic :  know how it works and source of viewers .
Youtube Traffic comes from Blogging, seo, email, ppc, ppv, social, etc.

3) You have to choose the best method that works for you for both Money Making method as well as Source of Traffic .

3) Now , you just do little calculation or a Business plan to setting up your Goal : Short term Goal and Long term Goal .

Note : Most people skip the step 3 , but i like to recommend each step , and it worth you will know it later .

4) If you then need any help you may ask atleast now you’ve Started and tried something rather than just Thinking of it .

5) Don’t give up ever ! Everything will work fine ,  if you do it right or differently.
Giving up is worse then failing , atleast from the failure you can improve which sure lead to success !

Nothing works in a single try , it works on a trial and error methods , it fits for anything .

i hope the above mentioned tips will give you an idea of picking up the best money making method and source of traffic that results in high conversions .

It also helps me , if you could post your suggestions , tips via comments .

Sharing = Caring :)