Now Increase your Adsense Earnings with Large Size Ad 300×600

Adsense recently introduced New Ad Size to its Banner Ads , One of Top Requests from Adsense Publishers in the last year to introduce Large Size Banner Ads has been now fulfilled. yea, Adsense team comes up with 300×600 large Skyscrapper ads suitable to place in the sidebars . I’ve just tried this on StudentsCrunch

Large Ad Size means More Ads are displayed ,which inturn makes your More Revenue from your blog / site . If you wanna try this New Ad size , you can do that simple like as you were doing for existing ads .

Goto > Adsense > MyAds > Add Ad Unit

Give it a name , then Select Ad Size by scrolling down to 300×600 ad format

Customize Color

Save and Get Code

Place it your sidebar :)

So Share us , whether you welcome this New Ad Size from Adsense , will it make jump in Adsense Earnings ?